Article:Dual use of the AirMobiles

          Armed defense of the country is the sole prerogative of the state. On creation / purchase of arms is spent a huge amounts of money. Then these weapons are usually stored in the arsenals and the technique is laid up in the storehouses. However, the expensive weapons systems quickly become obsolete and must be disposed of and/or replaced. In a tight economy of state resources this are a very sensitive costs. However, this is clearly costly but necessary process can be optimized if the company has commercialized modern innovative goods for dual-use applications. But which can and should be this product? The answer tells the story of military conflicts.

On the outcome of the Libyan-Chadian conflict in 1987, the chief of staff of the armed forces of Chad said: "Now we know that it is better to have a good Toyota than the tank T-55." He knew that he said, his men have won the war just due to using the pick-up trucks "Toyota", doing the lightning attacks against the Libyans from all sides. The massive use of armed civilian technology was so effective that the last phase of Chadian-Libyan conflict came into the history and is known as official name "The War Toyotas" (Fig. 10, b). Today martial pickups can be found wherever is smell of gunpowder. Today in Afghanistan "teknikalah" (martial pickups) moves most of the NATO special forces - the Czechs, Dutch, French and, of course, the Americans (not to mention the Afghan army, the police and the Taliban). The same situation is now in Libya - armed pickup trucks are used by both warring parties.


Fig.1 A small army of Chad on such "Toyotas" defeated the Libya in 1987.


Probably, AirMobiles can be considered as the next, more advanced level of technical equipment which are ideal for dual use. Ukraine is fully capable to create and to make serial-production this type of product. The first consumers of AirMobiles may well be the UN peacekeeping force, which have unjustified human losses from mines and ambushes on roads.


Fig.2. Ukrainian projects of high-speed and multi-mode AirMobiles.


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