Project: The "BiHybrid"

1. The power "Bi-Hybrid" and two schemes of its application

          In the figure, the example of the wheel drive shows two main schemes of hybrid cars

First, we proposed a hybrid work cycle for internal combustion engine (ICE), which combines the positive qualities of 2 different working processes (see patent US8511277 B2):

  • Brayton`s cycle - constant burning of fuel in a special combustion chamber at excess pressure (to ensure the reliability of the engine);
  • Otto`s cycle - combustion of fuel in a closed volume with a significant increase of working gases pressure (to ensure a good economy of the engine).

We also proposed to combine the "TurboMotor" ICE with a reversible electric machine into a single power unit, which is also originally a rotary machine. It turned out a kind of dual hybrid power unit - the "Turbo Hybrid".

The result is a fusion of the electric drive (for economical and eco-safe operation in cities) and very powerful TurboMotors (for vertical takeoff and landing, as well as for high-speed flight), in order to combine the best qualities of 3 different types of engines in one design :

  • rotary kinematics - from gas turbine engines,
  • several closed working volumes - from piston engines,
  • electric motor / generator with power electronics and battery - from the electric drive -

- that is, Integrated Engine (briefly - the IntEn), which in a single design combine all of the above 3 design features of different types of engines.

Such  IntEn can also be called as the Bi-Hybrid by virtue of its double hybrid essence.




2. The sequential Bi-Hybrids

         The sequential scheme (electric drive). This scheme is optimized for a relatively small power, with charging from an external network and with an economical power consumption. The "TurboMotor" is mainly used as an auxiliary autonomous energy source, for example, a hybrid rage car extender. The peculiarity of this electric drive is that there is only an electrical connection between the "TurboMotor" and the load.




3. The parallel Bi-Hybrids

          The parallel scheme (electro-mechanical drive). This scheme is optimized for transmission of high power to a load. Its feature is the presence of a reversible electric machine - a motor / generator and a clutch between it and the "TurboMotor".

The inverter controls the operation of the motor / generator and the clutch. This allows different combinations of energy transfer between: "TurboMotor", electric battery and load. The possibility of a short-term connection of the electric motor to the load makes it possible to carry out a pulsed capacity expansion, which is very valuable for aviation purposes.



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