Project: "The aeromobiles VOTLs"

1. AeroMobiles VTOLs - the beginning of the way...

          The AirMobiles VTOLs is the embodiment of the solution of the scientific problem: the high-speed flight over long distances with the use of economical (i.e. energetically low-cost) lifting force of the wing and short-term (during 20 to 30 seconds), but very energy-consuming hanging-up of vertical take-off and landing with 5 times more energy spending compare to flight. In addition, the dimensions of even a small aircraft and helicopters do not fit into the road vehicle requirements for a width no more 2.4 m.

For several years we have been conducting a research work on the definition and optimization of the constructive scheme of this new transport. The essence is to find a scientific solution for resolving the contradiction between:

  • high-speed and economical long-term flight on a horizontal straight line;
  • short-term, but very energetically expensive vertical take-off and landing;
  • compliance with the road width requirement 2.4 m wide.

At present time, we have found a scientific and technical solution to the above-listed contradictions and are preparing an application for the invention of the design of the 4-seat AirMobile VTOL. The key element of such AirMobiles is the "IntEn" engines.




2. 3D-mobility is our future!

          Ten years ago we already offered AirMobile with a modular design (the "BiCar"). Something similar now offers Airbus (promotional video):

AirMobile VTOL is a very real new mode of transport when equipped with light and compact IntEn of the appropriate capacity. In particular, we carried out preliminary studies to assess the required engine power for a vertical takeoff and landing aircraft, which is described in the Airbus patent: Pub.№: US2016/0236774 A1.

The power 45 kW * 4 = 180 kW is needed to provide a vertical take-off speed of 1 m / s for such 4-seat aircraft of this type (take-off weight 800 kg) which has 4 lifting propellers with a diameter of 2 m with speed rotating of 1910 rpm. The power of the engine should be 140 kW to provide a cruising speed of 350 km / h of the aircraft which has the aerodynamic quality equal to 10. Thus, the total power of the engines of this aircraft should be about 300 kW. This power can be providing by a typical IntEn of 260 kW when its power will be increased up to 320 kW by using a turbocharger.

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